Mighty Berry Immune Booster with Elderberry & Vitamin C

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The elderberry or black elder has so many uses in health that some health professionals call it the “first aid kit”. Its fruit has a high level of properties that strengthen the immune system and improves endurance. Our supplement capsules, made from the extract of the black elder’s berries, are highly effective at developing immunity and rich in vitamins and antioxidants.


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Using Elderberry extract as our formula’s main ingredient makes our supplement an excellent alternative for improving and bolstering our body’s health. Among its main benefits we can find:

Combats colds and the flu
It’s a rich source of anthocyanins, an antioxidant that regulates the immune system. It helps our cells to fight back against the attacks of the virus that causes the cold and flu.

Improving our hearts’ health
Its high concentration of antioxidants helps to regulate the immune system, improving the cardiovascular system, and preventing hypertension, high sugar levels, and uric acid in the blood.

Strengthens the immune system
Elderberry’s black polyphenols (another type of antioxidant) helps to stimulate the body’s complement system, fighting the harmful effects of free radicals created by the energy metabolism or those that come from the outside.

Taking our Elderberry capsules improves your health so that you can offer better performance in your daily activities and have a healthy lifestyle, free of worries.

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