Turmeric with BioPerine

Our supplement is made of organic turmeric root, a natural component that is highly valued by traditional medicine today for its benefits to the health of the heart, the brain, the joints, and health in general. In order to increase its effectiveness, we added BioPerine, an extract derived from black pepper, for better absorption.


The formula acts through turmeric in order to provide a powerful agent that protects the body from different threats, among which you can find:

It may help combat arterial hypertension
It reduces the blood’s cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries, which helps to regulate blood pressure and avoids damage to heart cells caused by hypertension.

It may help combat inflammation
It helps to combat inflammation, oxidative damage, and the formation of beta-amyloid plaques (often associated with Alzheimer’s)

These benefits make our supplement the best alternative for having better health and combating diseases. Each one of our supplements is created by a highly experienced team of health professionals, guaranteeing its quality and results.

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