Vitamin B-12 Complex

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Our vitamin complex offers the recommended dose of vitamin B for daily consumption. Its high content of vitamin B2, B3, B6, B5, and B12 ensures 100% of effectiveness. It contributes to the functioning of the immune system and our metabolism, for a better performance of our body.


The vitamin B group is essential for the good functioning of our organism. It handles a large number of chemical reactions in our organism. For this reason, lacking vitamin B can negatively affect our general health. Vitamin B12 makes our formula a highly effective vitamin complex. All of its benefits are linked to the performance of several of our body processes, such as:

Heart disease
It acts beneficially in the reduction of the levels of homocysteine in the blood, a compound related to a higher risk of cardiac arrest and stroke.

Energy and performance
It turns carbohydrates into glucose, helping to produce energy and diminishing fatigue.

Physical appearance
It reduces the nails’ fragility and favors the growth of hair. It helps with cell regeneration, improving our skin’s appearance by constantly renewing it.

Complex B12 is indispensable to your day to day, to receive a boost of energy and improve overall endurance and mental fortitude. Each of our supplements is created by health professionals with a high degree of expertise.

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